Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have introduce the new feature "Draft GST Returns" in the new release version 721
You are able to check and make necessary correction to the entries using the Draft GST Returns before you have process the FINAL GST Returns.
NOTE: Draft GST-03 cannot generate TAP upload file and GAF.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Version Update Ver.726 27/11/2015


Last updated: 27/11/2015
Current version: 4.2015.766.726
Size: 44.7 MB
License: Demo (Username & Password: ADMIN) 

New in this version

  • Split Detail Description for GL PV for CompanyName & Item Description for GST Lampiran 2
  • Add Code for Description with empty Code for GL Cash Flow Statement
  • Add FromDockey for pipeline Document_PaymentHistory for AR/AP IV & DN Listing
  • Add Sales & Purchase Quotation, Sales Order & DO Listing (GST 1) reports
  • Add TaxDate property to IBO_GL_CB interface
  • Revise AR/AP module improve performance
  • Show taxable amount column at gift tax estimator window
  • Add Project field for AR/AP Payment, CN, Contra & Refund Document Listing Knockoff grid & datamap
  • Revise local amount for bad debt relief and bad debt recover post to GST_TRANS table exclude local tax amount
  • Bad debt relief can only be claimed if the invoice issued to GST registered customer
  • Rename "Print GST Bad Debt" to "Print GST Bad Debt Relief"
  • Add options for GST bad debt report to allow user to filter bad debt relief claimed, not claim or not happen
  • Revise invoice age calculation in GST bad debt report
  • All document entries that contain TaxDate, once user change TaxDate system should retrieve new tax rate based on selected TaxDate instead of working date
  • Update GST Ledger vs GST-03 notes
  • Update GST Lampiran 2 Get TaxRef column for GL Cash Book & Journal Entry
  • Add "Tax Reference" field into Cash Book Entry Detail and Journal Entry
  • Remove RS calculation (item 3 Page 1) from GST Summary Sheet - MY
  • GST Taxable Entry Form Edit State should prompt error "Local Tax Amount must be zero" when user change ZRL to SR which LocalTaxAmt > 0
  • Increase field length to 100 for Remark field in SY_PROFILE table
  • Add Popup Option for Bad Debts Detail Filtering
  • Other minor improvements

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Echannel SQL Account & POS @ Plus High Way

Echannnel @ High Way R&R

Juru , Bukit Merah , Bukit Gantang

With SQL Accounting & SQL Easy POS System

Monday, March 23, 2015

Differences Between Standard Rated, Zero-Rated & Exempted

 Differences Between Standard Rated, Zero-Rated & Exempted


Standard-Rated Supplies

There will be 6% GST involved for this category. In, seller can setup either Absorb (Include) or

Pass (Exclude) the rate to buyer.

More details:

Zero-Rated Supplies

Some supplies fall under Zero-Rated which will have no GST (0%) incurs to your buyer. Example supplies
as below:

  • Agriculture products, paddy and fresh vegetables
  • Livestock, live poultry and animals, unprocessed meat of chicken, duck, cow, buffalo, goat,sheep, edible offal and swine (fresh or frozen)
  • Foodstuff, rice, salt, sugar, basic cooking oil, flour
  • Eggs (fresh and salted)
  • Fish, prawn, crab
  • first 200 units of electricity & water for domestic users
  • Goods supplied from principal customs area (PCA) to Designated Areas (Langkawi, Labuan &
  • Tioman)
  • Exported goods & services

More details:

Exempted Supplies

These are non-taxable supplies and is not subjected to GST. Seller are eligible claim input tax and not
allowed to pass the GST to buyer. Example supplies:

  • Residential property
  • Agriculture land and land for general use, e.g. burial ground
  • Private hospital, education and financial services
  • Domestic passenger transportation and highway toll
  • Supply of gold for the purpose of investment

More details:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SQL Accounting Solution

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Getting things done more

Explore the amazing features that make SQL Account one the best software for business. Work more efficiently with true real-time posting and seamlessly integrated modules. Store virtually unlimited years of business data for better decision-base analysis with Open Period solution.
Generate professional grade business reports with dynamic re-balancing of report structure and self-tuning query optimization. Enjoy scalable cost effective deployment, increased system performance and ease of maintenance powered by a robust client-server architecture.

Your software should be as flexible as your business

The SQL Account software can be customized to make your work even more simpler, efficient and overall more productive.
Create new forms with custom SQL Account DIY fields and built-in visual components in an easy drag and drop interface. Enhance business logic with flexibleSQL Account DIY script module to suite your business. Create, save, and edit custom reports that present the information you want to see and designed in the way you want to see it.
All customization can be easily deployed to all employees anywhere, anytime withSQL Account Control Center and SQL Account Report Designer.

Safe and secure

Keep your data accurate and consistent with PSQL (Procedural SQL) working behind. Safeguard your data by setting authentications for your employees. Backup your data anytime without needing to shut down. You can now continue working while a backup runs, allowing 24x7 operation.

Build and connect

Create integrations and develop client applications with the Estream SQLSDK. It is a simple application COM Interface where you can securely gain access to SQL Account records.
SQLSDK supports multiple programming languages such as Javascript, VBScript, ASP and Delphi.

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