Wednesday, November 14, 2018

SQL Payroll 1.2018.162.142

Release notes
  • Database upgrade to version 92.
  • Add PCB calculation for year 2019.
  • Add Maybank2E-RC Universal Payment EIS text file format.
  • Rename "Print Income Tax Lampiran B" to "Print Income Tax Lampiran B (PCB Audit)."
  • Replace "ID Number" column with "New IC" column for SOCSO text file format.
  • Reduce employer share of EPF contribution rate for post-retirees from 6% to 4%.
  • Employer must make SOCSO contribution for foreign workers.
  • Sync to Cloud.
  • Fixed bug list:
  • Apply payroll summary (work unit) report prompt error "list index out of bound".
  • CIMB Bulk Payment with Email Notification file format - "Payment Reference Number" column is empty, "Total Amount" column always zero amount.
  • Incorrect average leave entitlement calculated if the employee with join date fall after January of the .
  • UOB Interbank Giro and Inter Account Fund Transfer file format - "Beneficiary Resident Indicator" column is empty.
  • Employee marital status can set as blank.