Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SQL Account 5.2018.862.775

Release notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • #5035: Fix SST Listing SQty field display format
    • #4998: SST listing report contain record with SR if the invoice contains detail with SV and SR
    • #4990: Stock BOM Planner On Hand Qty double up when BOM list have selected 2 same components
    • #5021: Sales Price History report "Document_CompanyBranch" pipeline not link properly to main pipeline
    • #5024: Fast Report - Stock Card will show Dataset Category does not exist
    • Convert GL OR & GL PV Detail (with other CNnOR info) to FR3
    • Fixed Sales Quotation 8 (SST 2) still show total exclude gst / total include gst
    • #5038: IMSV did not post the imported service tax 6% in SST-02 listing if the company is service tax registered
  • Upgrade Database to Version 171 - Tunning SST_PROCESS, SST_TR & SST_TR_DRAFT table
  • Add SST registered option on start SST wizard form and make IMSV active only for non-SST Registered user
  • Feature #4946: Add "Use Invoice Ext. No as Invoice Number for Payment Detail" option on GIRO param form
  • Feature #5016: Company Profile UI update
  • Feature #5027: Allow Special Account Type for under the Normal Account (reverted changes of Bug #4916)
  • Feature #5017: Company Profile Set Report Header include SST No
  • #5007: GL OR contain "SV" payment basis tax code should include in SST Process logic that debit Deferred SST account and credit Service Tax Account
  • #5013: GL Cash Book add Local Amount & Local SubTotal (Tax) in grid
  • #5018: Maintain GL Account once created new account under non-current asset, it will auto scroll down to the new account code
  • #5028: Maintain Item Opening Stock Batch field is limited to 20 even is support 30 char
  • #4976: Stock & Purchase Documents Barcode entry (F8) if untick Show Cost access right, should hide unit price, discount & amount fields
  • SST Return add friendly message to "offset value exceeded balance value" error that stated PM and IV docno
  • #5003: GL Journal select Tax code prompt Abstract Error
  • Add Deemed Supply to Repost & Recalculate Costing
  • Feature #4993: Maintain Tax disable input tax & output tax and hide "Switch to Easy Mode" button